Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre

About us: Philosophy Statement

At Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre, we believe that children are competent, agentic, resourceful and capable learners. We take a socio-constructivist perspective of children as individuals belonging to a broad community made up of many systems interacting with each other. Children construct their identities within their contexts of their family, are collaborative learners, active explorers and inquisitive adventurers.  They are active ambassadors and are endowed with rights as future citizens and active communicators. They are powerful, resilient and successful. Educators have a deep commitment to the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes and guide individual programming and learning as part of this commitment.  

We hope that Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre affirms the identities, languages and cultures of all children and communities. We aspire to engage indigenous ways of knowing and take responsibility to reconcile the preservation of land and language of the Wallumedegal people, elders past and present and involve children in conversations and experiences which value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.We understand that children benefit from engaging in outdoor experiences inspired by Australian folklore about the bush and land. Our sustainability ethos is premised on ecological principles of land regeneration and preservation inspired by practices of our traditional land owners, which inspires a connection with nature and promotes open-ended opportunities for children to engage with the large outdoor environment.    

From this cultural and linguistically diverse foundation, the early childhood curriculum supports the identities, values, languages,heritage and cultures of all children, affirms and celebrates cultural differences, and aims to help children gain a positive awareness of their own and other cultures. Diversity is reflected within the program by nurturing global mindfulness and cultural competency.

We take from the Pasifika Te Whariki (‘the woven mat’) approach in the way we ‘weave’ our curriculum,and are guided by multiple early childhood pedagogies. We believe in the value of open ended opportunities, facilitating choice and involve children in their evaluation within the program. We understand that their a many ways of knowing (post-structuralism) and being and our assessment pedagogy will always aspire to be ethical, dynamic, forward measuring and child-oriented.

A spirit of Inclusion fosters our belief that children carry with them uniquely individual strengths, diverse abilities, knowledge and ideas worthy of sustained-shared thinking. Educators value self-expression and the involvement of children in meaningful practices which establish a foundation for health, safety and wellbeing as primary. Educators are intentional teachers and facilitators of learning and exploration, working collaboratively with children, families and community. Families are respected as the child’s primary care and support network and their expert knowledge of their child is valued. Educators are open and honest with families about each child’s day and experiences and show children by our actions that we can be trusted and are available, providing a secure base for them to adventure and return.

Children at Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre are supported to feel secure in their Belonging, self-actualised in their Being and boundless in their Becoming.  



You have been so incredibly kind and thoughtful. What other pre-school would walk four kids to and from school? Bless you for all your kindness. Love the Coulam Family.

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